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Popular Gaming Habits You Should Leave Right Now


This is 2019 and it is already the age of gaming and Geeks spent a lot of time in front of their gaming screens. Some play for fun, some of them play professionally and many plays to be perfect and to enhance the level of competition.

To be a good gamer there are many factors which decide the favorable outcome. This includes specs, Techniques, and reflexes, But one thing that makes you different from others is Habits you followed while playing any game.

So there are many habits you should follow to be a perfect Gamer:

Avoid Intense Battle

One thing which decides the result is the way you handle the situation in battle. Mostly Gamers tend to make the battle more intense as they rush towards the enemy and then follow the tactics. As a resultant, they will get two results either they got killed or pass the critical situation.

Reload when necessary

The indispensable part in a shooting game is Reload, Many Gamers keep forgetting about the Reload every time they got engaged in a battle. The result will be done and dusted, You are Dead if another one is a step ahead of you. So you should reload when there are 7 to 10 bullets remained in the mag. This will helps you in better spray and kill your opponents in a blink of an eye.

Stop Blaming Lag

There is always a situation when your game gets start freezing and it may be due to server lag, input lag and you are about to doom. This is the main reason when you finally surrender and don’t think about what comes ahead and finally, you died. Lag is a major problem but doesn’t be blame it every time as your failure in a match, so keep the lag aside and think straight about the match and win it if possible.

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