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HBO’s Euphoria: What Makes This Show The New Crown Jewel Of Teen-Drama Television?!


HBO’s new teen drama Euphoria is taking the HBO legacy to an absolutely new stronghold. The lead role, Rue, is being taken up by our very own Zendaya and she has done wonders with this character. To say that this show has grabbed the attention of the audience would be an understatement. Even before the show aired its pilot, it was already being talked for its element of surprise, which was a huge amount of male frontal nudity.

Now after airing 3 episodes weekly, we come to episode 4; and it rocked everyone to their core.
The episode starts off by showing the backstory of Jules, just like episode 1 was rue centric; 2 and 3 Nate and Kat centric respectively. The most special thing about this show is its complex characters.

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We have had many shows and movies revolve around the idea of the true representation of school life; we went from The Breakfast Club to Clueless to Mean Girls to Easy A. But does that make Easy A or any of those movies relevant to our age? Not really because ours is the age of social media, drugs, love and mental disorders; pretty much what Euphoria is about.

After completing Game of Thrones, HBO has now entered the realm of young adult series and they are pretty good at it. Drake and the likes are handling the production, the future looks bright for Euphoria. Their episode consistency is strong and so are their complex and messed up storylines.

Much is in store for Euphoria, catch the next episode on 14 July.

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