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Tomdaya: Was There Something Between Them Or Was It Just A Promotional Stunt

Ever since landing their roles as MJ and Spiderman in MCU’s continuation of the Spiderman series “Spiderman -Homecoming”.Stars Zendaya and Tom Holland have been spending lots of time with each other. Their fans are continuously shipping them since they started promoting their new movie and constantly appearing together in major red carpet events, TV talk shows, and high profile magazines. Their friendship or love in this matter can be continuously seen blossoming with the passing time.

However, both deny the fact that they are not in a relationship. But the chemistry and the proofs show it all. Let’s put a major highlight on these incidents :

Image Source-Hollywood.com

1. Tom reveals that he is “definitely a relationship person ”.

In his recent news with a magazine, the young actor talked about his personal views on dating and relationships where he said that he is “definitely a Relationship person ”.

Further Adding   “I’m not the fleeting type at all,” he said. “It’s not my way of life.” But despite having a “ happy live free ” mentality on the relationship, he confirmed that he is not dating Zendaya. The fans must have a heart clutch at this time …Moving on.

  1. Tom and Zendaya Instagram posts say it more loudly!

After the celebs were shipped continuously, the post on Holland’s IG account made the situation a little more open to controversies. He posted a picture of him, Zendaya and their co-star Jacob Batalon but accidentally or knowingly (who knows ) tagged Zendaya at his groin area. Yikes! It must be low key flirting but the fans got the gist of the situation and bombarded the same with mixed comments over his post. Whereas Zendaya soon after that posted many cheeky and adorable captions for Tom on her social media account. 

Image Source- Teen Vogue

3.  Zendaya was assumed to be more secretive about her love life. In her interview with the Vogue two years back she talked about having a secret boyfriend. Fans believe it to be her ex Taylor.

Tom was vice a Versa. He was even spotted dining out with the latter’s parents at New York’s restaurant.

Many such moments were further shared by both the stars on Instagram, often calling each other by sweetest things and appreciating whatever is between them. Fans will ship them no matter what, hoping that this is really a thing!

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