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13 Reasons Why Season 3: Breakdown Of Every Viral Rumor!

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has been enormously hit since it’s the initial first season. The Netflix teen drama counters and deals with issues of bullying and harassing which the teenagers of this generation highly relate to.

Season One of Netflix’s most controversial teen drama ’13 Reasons Why’ premiered in 2017 and in no time gained immense popularity due to its extraordinary storyline and the issue it was based on. Season One was highly appreciated both by the critics and the audience and id till the date is being loved by the fans.

Season two, on the other hand, faced and ignited few major controversies due to the uncertain change in the storyline which clearly depicted that Hannah had a hand of herself in everything that happened to her. Season two of Netflix’s original teen drama was highly criticized but it certainly managed to balance between the goods and the bads.

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Now, in 2019 it’s time for its season three and the streaming giant Netflix has been constantly delaying it without any further confirmation of its release date. At first, it was rumored that season 3 will premiere in July but as for it seems impossible due to the enormous hype of Stranger Things Season 3.

A week ago, Zach Prusak, one of the actors from Season 3 took over twitter and wrote,

“13 Reasons Why season 3. October 2019! Let’s go!”

The tweet went viral and people started giving the October release date a chance. Though later the actor himself confirmed that the tweet was not about 13 Reasons Why Season 3.

Piece of rumors spinning around suggests that the series has been canceled due to the increase in teenage suicide rates. While the other rumors suggest that the series is coming to this October including the involvement of Hannah Baker in the series.

Breaking down all the rumors, we would like to inform you that the series has not been canceled and it won’t be so in the future due to several petitions and backlash. Secondly, the rumor about its release in October is certainly false and we recommend you to not believe in such kind of rumors. Also, Katherine Langford, the actress who played Hannah Baker in the first two seasons had confirmed that she is not returning for season 3 which demolishes the rumor of Hannah Baker’s return to the storyline.

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