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5 Magical Harry Potter Facts Even A True Potterhead Won’t Know

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is nevertheless one of the greatest fictional series of books and movies ever created. J.K Rowling the woman behind the immensely interesting and magical wizarding world escalated to the top soon after she published her first Harry Potter book which was highly acclaimed and later was produced as a movie. The Harry Potter series comprises of total 8 films, each of them based on the books of the same name. Here are some facts about Harry Potter and the wizarding world even a true fan won’t know:

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#1 Petunia Wasn’t Really Bad

After Harry’s birth, Lily sent the announcement to Petunia which was the last information she ever sent to her sister. Petunia took one look at the mail and promptly threw it. Petunia was never happy of her sister getting indulged in Magical activities and their relationship got worse when Lily married James and gave birth to Harry. Despite this Petunia after Lily and James’s brutal death kept Harry with her which specifies that she still had feelings for her sister despite the anger she had for Lily. So Petunia was not a bad character, she just never expressed herself to Harry despite loving her sister.

#2 The Richest Wizard

Lucius Malfoy is ranked number 12 on the Forbes fictional list of the 15 richest people of the world. The father of Draco Malfoy was pretended as greedy and one who is unfaithful, but in the end, his wife choose the right side and lied to Voldemort about Harry’s death which makes the Malfoy family not so bad and not so good.

#3 The Lily & Tonks Connection

It might sound very interesting to you as both Lily and Tonks almost had the same life. Both of them married a marauder, both lost their lives to Voldemort along with their husbands, while their children were still infants.

#4 The Magical Bonnie Wright Coincidence

Bonne Wright was exactly 9 and 3/4 years old when she started filming Harry Potter and her first scene in the franchise was coincidently filmed on the sets of platform number 9 3/4.

#5 The Harry Potter World Can Be Real

There is a fan theory about Rita Skeeter, that she just disappeared after the battle of Hogwarts and came in the muggle world to live an ordinary life. Some dark fan theories suggest that she later became J.K Rowling and wrote the Harry Potter books, which might mean that Harry Potter is real.

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