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Battle Royale Games Which Every PUBG Fan Should Try!

Pubg is on its never-ending trend and becoming popular day by day, but if you are getting bored with it and looking for alternatives.

Here are the Games which are pretty similar to Pubg:

Ring Of Elysium

It is one of the most underrated game in open-world gaming as if not about the popularity it is good as Pubg. Its gameplay mechanics are quite similar to Pubg but having good graphics and can even run on low specs Pc. And the massive advantage is that it is available for free on steam.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is an open-world shooting game which is having very similar mechanics to Pubg. But adding more features in the revive mechanism makes it a step ahead of other games. It has an advanced weapons system which makes the game more user reliable.

Last Man Standing

The game itself shows the idea behind the development of the game, the Last Man Standing is also a battle royale game. Adding on the gameplay this game features the customization of character also.


When you hear Pubg and if there is scope for competition then Fortnite always steps on the occasion. The free multiplayer game which is available on Epic store is pretty similar to Pubg in terms of gameplay but there is one thing which excites the users is that Fortnite adding customizations which are trending. for example, Avengers characters in the game, characters like Thanos featured in the game and had special abilities.

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