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Internet Trolls Made Heidi Montag To Get 10 Plastic Surgeries To Stop People Criticizing Her

Heidi Montag underwent ten plastic surgery procedures simultaneously, published tremendously by her and her husband Spencer Pratt.

“The Hills” star has confessed that she has been regretting all things from a nose job until breast implants and now she and Pratt, 35, admit that peer pressure and Internet trolls have been an important element in her choice to transform her appearance.

“Heidi believed if she had surgery, individuals would stop criticizing her. She gave impressions of what the triplets and haters were saying to her doctor,” Can we do something about it?

“It’s insecure everybody,” said Pratt. Montag, 32, also described her experiences, she regretted slightly. “I was too young to create such a life-changing choice and I was under so much pressure because this was the start of commentary parts and negative and hatred on the web,” she admitted. “I was actually very much involved at that moment— l, everyone talks about you.” It’s different, though.

Montag, who since her TV-days (including “The Hills” reboot, “The Hills – New Beginnings,”) has done a career with husband Pratt, requested readers to think closely why they want to modify themselves so heavily.

“It’s your body obviously and I’m not against plastic surgery, but everybody’s always showing you the before and following pics,” she added. “They do not demonstrate that the recovery is disastrous. I do not regret much of my improvement, but plastic surgery is no glorification.”

Internet trolling has become one of the major issues today and this is one such example. It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or a normal person, internet trolling affects people’s emotions a lot.

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