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When Is Dead To Me Season 2 On Netflix? Here Are The Details

2019 has so far been the year of Netflix as it has emerged as the number one streaming platform with anyone else nowhere near it, rather in terms of views, subscription or the content that it has been gracing the fans with, no one over the years has done it like Netflix. This year Netflix offered the audience many new shows and movies including Umbrella Academy, You, BirdBox, The Society, and Sex Education which were highly appreciated by the audience both critically and commercially.

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A show that has emerged as the breakout show of the year is Netflix’s latest dark comedy-drama ‘Dead To Me’. The show follows the story of two women Jen and Judy who have just lost their partners and became friends at a grief support group. Jen is a widow, searching for the person who killed her husband in a hit-and-run accident. The storyline gets more interesting and Jen searching for the killer becomes the least interesting part of the story when she collides with Judy in the grief support group, where both of them despite there highly opposite nature and behavior become very good friends.

It would not be wrong if we certainly label the series as ‘an everything in one package’, the series has mystery, drama, dark humor, comedy and every single genre a story can imply on.

The season one ended has been highly acclaimed by the critics and fans have loved it with open hearts which alongside its huge cliffhanger ending, makes it obvious for Netflix to announce its second season soon, but the question is when?

The answer to this question is, Dead To Me is still fresh and new on Netflix, there are high possibilities of the show making its return for the second season but currently no official announcement has been made by the makers nor Netflix.

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