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President Trump Blames Obama For Bad Air Conditioning In White House

President Trump blamed predecessor Barack Obama for a litany of issues, ranging from the Iran nuclear deal to the border crisis, and added to that list on Friday the alleged poor air conditioning in the White House.

In debating how he was going to his residence in Bedminster, NJ, Trump produced the comments to journalists at the Oval Office, in August. He said such journeys are not a vacation and that days away from the presidency are often used on the White House for maintenance.

“I’d rather be right here,” he said before adding that “a lot of times you’re going and they’re doing a lot of job in the White House.” “The Obama administration, for example, worked out a brand fresh West Wing air conditioning system and it was so nice before they did the scheme,” he said.

“It’s freezing or warm here now that they’ve done this system,” he complained.

It’s prevalent for presidents to blame their predecessors for the country’s issues, but this may be the first time a presidential successor has stirred up the environment in the White House.

With regard to the inquiry into Russia and the hearing this week involving former FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller, he referenced Obama’s book agreement as something researchers should look into in reaction to what he called “fishing” by Democrats.

“It’s a disgrace. We want to know what occurred to the last president of the Democratic Party. Let’s look at Obama from day one as they looked at me,” he said. “They’ve looked at all we’ve accomplished.”

“They could look into President Obama’s book agreement. Let’s put all his documents together,” he said.

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