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Billie Eilish Opened Up About The Downside Of Fame And How Badly It Affected Her!

Billie Eilish is our favorite singer at the moment because every song she drops takes over the Internet and woos her fans into another dimension. She is out there living her life but she has had a fair share of problems too. In a recent interview, she talked about dealing with depression, panic attacks, and body dysmorphia.

Between the ages of 13 and 17, Billie’s life was rough. After soaring high, Billie also told us in the interview that 17 was the best year of her life. She had not felt depressed in a really long time and she was loving her time as a pop star.

Fame not only comes with rainbows and unicorns but also has some serious downsides to it. She mentioned that recently, her home address was leaked online which put her entire family at risk. A “creepy older guy” showed up to her doorstep who had driven out from San Diego just to see Billie. Three fans in all showed up to her house which sounds extremely serious. She also mentioned that she didn’t feel safe in her own house.

Billie claimed that she didn’t like to go on tours because she can’t stay away from her friends for too long. She also opened up about hating certain parts of being famous even though she doesn’t want to hate them.

Not a fan of touring, Billie surely doesn’t like to miss out on what happens back at home when she is away. Her dancing days didn’t help with her body dysmorphia. She grew extremely self-conscious, but now, our OG ‘bad guy’ is thriving and is as confident as she could be.

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