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PUBG PC Lite: Crucial Features For An Improvised Upgrade!


PUBG PC Lite is almost finishing the value of original franchise with almost half of the system requirements. Price should not be even considered as the game is totally free and requires very low space.

But still, there are some features which still lacks the finishing product. However, the game is in beta phase so we can’t force the developers for the whole version.


PUBG bought an incredible vehicle in the game which gives you the chills of Battlefield and Call of Duty. BRDM-2 is a mini tank which could tolerate up to 2500HP of damage, so players can have better protection than cars.

All Maps

PUBG PC Lite still lacking the maps which are actually in the game and this could be a massive advantage for the franchise

Replay And Death Cam

PUBG PC lite still lacking the feature of Replay system which could be an ease for the users. They have a right to know how they’ve been eliminated by enemies and only death cam could do this trick. Death cam and replays are not a part of the game yet but there are chances that they will arrive soon.

Ledge Grab

Now Players can jump from one roof to another with the help of Ledge grab feature in the game. But PUBG PC lite still lacking this feature and it could be on its way soon.

Kill Distance

Now you can determine the distance of your targeted personal after his neutralization. now distance will get a feature in kill notification to aware about the RP missions.

Gas Can Damage

Now there will be severe damage as Gas cans can be exploded after got hit with some bullets. So now Gas Can be used as explosives in the game.


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