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Battlefield 6: Modern Military Based Edition Is Most Suitable For The Franchise!


It’s been 2 years since Battlefield Franchise followed the World War age. In its two installments, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 using the mechanics of war of the age of world war and its weapons were totally different according to the timeline.

But now the questions will rise on the next installment of the Battlefield franchise, What’s the name of the game and what will be its concept and storyline. Hence Battlefield Franchise took a year off their schedule and this year we won’t see the next edition of Battlefield.

Will Battlefield Set To Vietnam?

Battlefield 6 will be expected to have a Vietnam era or there are many reports about the possibility of the return of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Bad company 2 deserves a comeback in the next installment of Battlefield series. But Battlefield focuses on Vietnam Era and it could be the next one in the series.

Release Date

The release date of the game is not confirmed yet as there is no sign of trailers and announcements by the developers. So the Battlefield franchise is on break this year and the game will be expected to release in 2020.

Game Modes

Battlefield 6 majorly focused on single-player and multiplayer campaign based project, the main reason is that they have already launched a Battle Royale Segment called Firestorm. So the game will be same as earlier versions of the game which regarded as the best versions of Battlefield games.

Fans are so excited regarding the release of Battlefield 6 but it looks this year they would get disappointed with the delay in an announcement of the game. Traces like Trailers and announcements are nowhere to be found and it’s obviously frustrating for the fans.

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