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Ghost of Tsushima: How It Will Be A Worthy Competitor Of Sekeiro Shadow Die Twice!

Ghost of Tsushima looks like a samurai masterpiece by the studio Sucker Punch. Here are some facts about the game.

Release Date

Ghost of Tsushima’s  Release Date is not finalized yet, but it is expected that game will arrive in late 2019.



Ghost of Tsushima will be PS4 exclusive and will only available on it after its release. There are no plans that game will further come in other platforms. Right now Sony’s PS4 is on the driving seat, it could be the last PS4 best release.

Lead Character

The protagonist is necessary for the story buildup as the Jin Sakai, a Samurai Warrior who is one of the last lines of defenses against the Mongol hordes that are invading Tsushima –  he’s got katana skills which helps him to sweep out invaders.


Sword FIghting

Stealth and Attack

Grappling Hooks

World Environment

Sucker Punch made the environment look alive, Details are so high that even temples are looking real.


This story offers a small window into Jin’s world and his journey to save his homeland from the Mongol Empire. The early moment when Jin overlooks his surroundings—the distant fires, sacred temples, and far off mountains—promises an island full of dangerous and stunning places to root out the invading Mongols.

Even Jin’s outfit and how he chooses to fight are notable–foreshadowing some parts of Jin’s personal journey. He’s in a rain-drenched part of the world, so Jin has traded his traditional armor for a straw raincoat called mino. And while he wields his katana with deadly skill, you can see he’s straying from his samurai ways to attack his enemies with the violent grace of a silent assassin. [Source: Playstation]

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