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Gigi Hadid Picks ‘The Bachelorette’ Star After Breakup With Zayn Malik, Details Inside


Gigi Hadid again in love? At least she was sighted on a date in New York. Who it is and if it was more than just a flirt, we’ll tell you here!

After a four-year, complicated on-off relationship, top model Gigi Hadid of one-direction star Zayn Malik finally split up earlier this year. Although the two came together again and again in spite of crises, they were too different, so that it was no longer enough for a relationship.

“They are finished (together). They could come together again, but for now, it’s over. She kept herself away from all her friends when they were together. She focused all her time and energy on him, but it just became too much”

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Apparently, the separation was the right decision for the 24-year-old. Because at the weekend, the top model was spotted playing with an unknown in a New York club while bowling, so an insider. Gigi is said to have looked very happy and in love.
The current date of Gigi Hadid is Tyler Cameron. The name could say something to some of you. Tyler Cameron is the US bachelorette candidate who finished second last week and dropped out.

Actually, the US Bachelorette Hannah Brown had decided for the candidate Jed Wyatt in the final, from which she even accepted a marriage proposal – however, it turned out during the filming that he was still in a relationship. So she asked the second-placed Tyler Cameron for a date.

According to US media, the two are said to have spent a night in Hannah’s apartment. Nobody knows exactly how the date went out. However, the Date Marathon just a few days later with Gigi suggests that Tyler has probably opted for Gigi.

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