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Rapper Yung Miami Shot 16 Times In Her SUV.


In a shocking event, Rapper Yung Miami’s SUV was shot in the wee hours of 6th August, Tuesday. She was going to a recording studio while the firing took place. It was reported that the shots were fired at the Red Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV a whopping 16 times before the attacker(s) fled. Luckily the ‘Leave em alone’ hitmaker and her unborn child were unharmed while the Miami police are still in search of the attacker.

Earlier this June the rapper revealed her pregnancy to her fans after a couple of days of hesitation.

She broke her silence about the incident a couple of days later where she told her fans she was “not okay”

She also posted Instagram stories that said “Keep looking at my pictures & all my mentions like it really could’ve been R.I.P.,” “I’m really not okay!”

Suspicion grew around Kodak Black who had dissed Miami with threatening and disturbing lyrics in his song.

Yung Miami complained to the police about the incident. She tells them that the attacker came from behind and her lights were off at the time. The first of the shots had apparently hit the spare tyre. The video of Miami complaining to the police is out on the internet.

However, on the positive side, Yung and her Baby are safe.

Yung Miami whose actual name is Caresha Brownlee is a rapper for the band City Girls. The band has received much hype, appreciation, and attention. They have also worked with stars like Cardi B and Drake.

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