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Riverside Shootout Kills California Highway Patrol Officer, Suspect Dead And 2 Others Injured.


After the incident took place on Monday in California, Officer Scott Parker said to the public & the media: “We had a CHP officer make a traffic stop on a white GMC pickup truck. The officer, at some point during the traffic stop, determined that he was going to impound the subject vehicle, and so he called for a tow truck and was filling out the necessary paper work to complete that impound.

During that process, the suspect entered his vehicle and pulled out a rifle, unknown caliber rifle. And he engaged our officer with multiple gunshots. Our officer was struck. During this point, the officer was able to broadcast ‘Officer Needs Assistance Call’, at which time multiple agencies, including several California Highway Patrol Officers, multiple deputies from the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, & officers from the Riverside Police Department responded to the call for assistance. The first three officers that were on scene were CHP officers. The first 2 immediately engaged with gunfire by this suspect. Our officers returned fire.

Unfortunately, during this exchange of gunfire, both of those officers were struck by the suspect’s firing at them. One of those officers received major injuries and is in critical condition. He was transported to Riverside University Health System in Moreno Valley. And the other officer received minor injuries as a result of the gunfire. At this time we had a fourth CHP officer arrive on scene. He also immediately engaged the suspect in gunfire. The suspect did return fire. And at this time, multiple officers and deputies had responded. The suspect was struck, and he did surrender to his injuries at the scene.

Sadly, the first officer that was on scene for the California Highway Patrol that made the initial traffic stop, he was transported by air ambulance to Riverside University Health Center where he was pronounced deceased as a result of the gunfire from the suspect.”

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