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PUBG PC Lite: Majority Users Shift Towards Lite Version From Emulator!


Pubg PC is the best multiplayer and Battle Royale game so far but it is not playable at every system. So to expand its platform for the low-end PC’s, a lite version of Pubg is developed for them. It is based on the mixed experience of the emulator and Pubg PC.

But the concern is its global release, currently, the game is in beta testing and it’s getting late and late for global release. However, Countries are expanding month by month but there is no news of the global release.

How Emulator Version Days Are Counting?

The point is what will happen if this will release globally, will it give a better experience to the fans?, Here’s our assumption:

End of Emulator?

Pubg PC Lite will do one thing for sure, it will shorten Emulators users. The reason behind is simple that Emulator is not well optimized, its full of bugs and crashes. Whereas Pubg PC lite could be a great addition in the systems who loves to play on emulator.

Better Matchmaking

Now the biggest factor of the Pubg is matchmaking, Mobile and emulators players could play together and mobile players will up against the team of emulator players which is an injustice in terms of competition. With Pubg PC lite global release, PC users will get separated from the mixed matchmaking and their experience is the same as the PC versions.

Better Graphics

Pc lite has good graphics in comparison of emulator version, basically, the emulator is a pc version of mobile. So pc lite bought up as a mixture of both emulator and pc version.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay of Pubg pc is totally based upon the pc version of the game. So this is a massive advantage for the lite version to run smoothly on mobile graphics and mechanics of pc version.

Low System Requirements

Lite version has a major factor and that is requirements, the game requires the same hardware which tends to run emulators.


Tencent emulator is badly optimized and it has many bugs and glitches. The biggest one is emulator doesn’t use GPU in terms of rendering, so the only CPU works to enhance the game performance which results in much input lag. But in Pc lite version there is no such problem for a smooth gameplay

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