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5 Characters Kit Harington Might Portray After Joining MCU! Wolverine You Are On The List!

Since the end of the famous show, “Game of Thrones” there months ago, there has been a lot of conjecture about what is next for this British actor, who shot to fame as Jon Snow in the series. While there has been a lot of speculation about Harrington joining the MCU, here are some possible characters he may play.


After Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine for years, it seems difficult to imagine anyone else trying to fill in those adamantium claws. The role of Wolverine is one of the most popular characters to have been cast in Marvel’s history. However, after playing the dark and brooding Jon Snow for so many years, Harrington would probably do justice to the role and allow a darker portrayal of the character.

Moon Knight

Disney+ announced a forthcoming series called ‘Moon Knight’, which is about a mercenary who is chosen to be an incarnation of an Egyptian god, who becomes a fighter of crime. This character has been compared to Batman for years, for which Harrington was in the running up until February. His penchant for playing dark characters would make him a suitable fit for this role.

Johnny Storm

Played by Chris Evans in the 2000s, this character in the Fantastic Four, was a cheeky attention seeker with the ability to fly and engulf himself in flames. Harrington would give the character a more serious side which may be a nice change.

Captain Britain

Since this character has not been portrayed before, there is no scope for comparison. However, news from D23 shows that Disney may not have any grand plans for this comic.


Although this seems highly unlikely, it would be interesting to see Harrington fitting into the role of a tortured hero who was last portrayed by Tye Sheridan.

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