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Asteroid Warning Tweet By Elon Musk Put Half Of The World Under Stress

“Great name! Wouldn’t worry about this particular one, but a big rock will hit Earth eventually & we currently have no defense,” Musk tweeted late Monday.

With this tweet the Space X CEO, Elon Musk is referring to Apophis, a giant asteroid that will skim past earth in the next decade and it has put people under stress.

A monster asteroid called Apophis — named after an Egyptian “God of Chaos” — will come dangerously close to the Earth, about 19,000 miles (31,000 km) above the surface.

“Current calculations show that Apophis still has a small chance of impacting Earth, less than 1 in 100,000 many decades from now, but future measurements of its position can be expected to rule out any possible impacts,” said NASA recently.

“It is possible that there will be some surface changes, like small avalanches,” Davide Farnocchia, an astronomer at JPL, said in the blog post.

Musk wants to warn people about the hazards that come with monster asteroids. he suggests that we should set Nuclear Weapons off in mars to release the trapped carbon dioxide over there and make it habitable. he fears that such asteroids will keep coming in the future and we will have no defense against it. If at all we make Mars habitable then, he thinks, we all can perhaps shift there,

The whole issue has taken half the world by fire. There are discussions going on, ideas popping out, people biting their nails and losing their hair under stress. Twitter has been blasting with tweets and there are posts being shared all over the net. While half of the people are scared of the Asteroid, the other half is worried about the impracticality of nuking Mars.

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