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Why Fortnite Is Still Preferred Over Pubg?

If the consideration took upon the Battle Royale games then there must be two names pops up in your head. Some thought of Pubg and some quickly made  Fortnite their priority.

But who’s the leader between the two, Both are good but there are not two swords in one sheath. So there must be an end to this debate, according to some survey many gamers prefer Fortnite over Pubg and there are suitable reasons:

Free to Play

Fortnite Battle Royale is available for free which gives a massive boost in terms of popularity. It’s pretty obvious that there are chances of getting buster if something offered for free. Fortnite leads the way with 250 million users around the world.

System Requirements

The biggest factor which decides the outcome of a good game is its Requirements to run the game. Fortnite has set its requirements for low-end Pc’s too so that they can run the game easily on their systems whereas Pubg needs a powerful system to run the game smoothly.


Pubg Pc has a poor optimization which nearly killed the smooth experience of the game. Pubg is full of bugs and glitches which is quite frustrating for any user and its input lag is on par level. Fortnite limits its bugs and glitches and fixes them in every two to three weeks.

Character Upgration

Fortnite is known for featuring real-world characters in its game. Several famous personalities including Marshmellow, Thanos and recently  Avengers got featured in the game for a limited period of time. This created a sense of hype among the users and there is a booming change in no of users after special appearances of personalities.

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