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Truth About Angelina Jolie In Chris Hemsworth, Marriage Of Elsa Pataky

In spite of rumors, Angelina Jolie does not cause an issue in Chris Hemsworth’s and Elsa Pataky’s wedding.

According to the reports, Hemsworth and Jolie had “immediate connections.” An insider claimed, after the Comic-Con event, in which the actor “Thor” and the actress “Maleficent” were shown on stage, that Hemsworth and Pataky “got into an immense argument.” Jolie has supposedly robbed Jennifer Aniston’s Brad Pitt with her charm, so Pataky was alarmed.

Another source said that Pataky was in “panic mode.” Hemsworth had already assured him she didn’t have anything to worry about, but Pataky was “at her wit’s end.” The source said that Jolie loved Hemsworth every second and wanted to have the project with the star “Avengers” as her onscreen pair. Jolie supposedly discovered Hemsworth to be “younger, more sexy versions of Brad Pitt.”

But it’s not true that Jolie causes marriage difficulties between Hemsworth and Pataky. Last month Pataky gave her husband a nice homage to his birthday and even called him his favorite person.

“Felicitous birthday for my favorite person, my husband my wife, my love, my greatest father ever, I am proud of you and who you are. Don’t ever stop laughing at us. You make our lives so happy every moment, “Pataky wrote on Instagram.

Jolie and Hemsworth produced headlines at the Golden Globes first when they were shot together. Ellen DeGeneres questioned the photographer and made things clear.

He didn’t sit alone with Jolie, he says, individuals just caught the image. In his initial photograph, Hemsworth was sitting with director Taika Waititi, “Thor: Ragnarok.” He added that both he and his wife Pataky were Jolie’s fans and joked that his wife, too, would be more jealous of Jolie’s Waititi. The actor also said his real date was Waititi and not Jolie.

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