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Kristen Stewart Opened Up About Dating Robert Pattinson And The Reason Why They Were So Private

Kristen Stewart opens up why Robert Pattinson and her ex-boyfriend decided to maintain their romance so private.

The Twilight costars began famously after appearing together in 2008 with their dominant headlines, as they stayed together in the follow-up movies of the franchise. But despite media attention, both decided to remain, mother-in-law, while supporting their initiatives— a choice is taken together by Stewart and Pattinson, 33, said.

We didn’t have an instance to do when I and Rob were together,’ the 29-year-old actress reiterates in the cover story released on Tuesday. “We took so much from ourselves that, when we tried to regulate a dimension, we were just like, No, we’re never going to speak about it. Never. Because this is ours.”

Stewart stated back in 2016 that the excessive media coverage of her relationship with Pattinson eventually contributed to their disintegration.

The two originally divided in 2012, when Stewart kissed her wife Snow White and Huntsman manager, Rupert Sanders. Shortly after, they reconciled but eventually called it quits in 2013.

“I and Rob wanted to be so badly together that our relationship became a product,” she informed earlier. “It was no longer true life and it was gross for me. I don’t want to conceal who I am or what I do in my life. I don’t want to become part of a leisure value tale.”

Stewart has learned how to weather the attention since her division from Pattinson.

“I get older every day, life becomes simpler,” she informed in an interview on Tuesday, explaining that the openness of a younger news agency permitted her to throw away any fear she had about her voice.

The same fearlessness has meant her choice to be accessible to her sexuality. In 2017 during his Saturday Night Live monolog, Stewart said that she was “like, so gay,” although he now stressed that she doesn’t like labels.

“I believe we all get to a place where — I don’t understand, evolution is strange— we all get unbelievably ambiguous,” she said. “And it’s really beautiful.”

Stewart was related to the screenwriter Dylan Meyer most lately after the two were kissed last month in New York.

Stewart recalled to Harper’s Bazaar UK that she was public with her sexuality: “I believe I just want to enjoy my own life. And that took priority over defending my life because I ruined it in order to protect it. What, who are you with, you can’t go out with? Can’t you speak in an interview? You want to preserve your careers and your success and productivity, and there are people in the world who dislike you, and they do not like that you are dating girls, and they don’t like this, you don’t recognize them as a’ lesbian’ quote, but you don’t also identify it as a quote heterosexual.”

“I was told in full, you could get a Marvel movie if you like to do the favor to yourself and don’t go out holding your girlfriend’s hand in public. I don’t want to work with individuals like that.”

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