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Are Zendaya And Jacob Elordi Dating? Here Are A Few Signs That They Might Be

When it comes to the existence of Zendaya, supporters can only ever speculate.

When it comes to her own life, the 23-year-old actor is highly private, so she never proves her connection. For years rumors have spread that she and her Spider-Man costar Tom Holland dated, but at every point the two rejected it.

Many gave up shipping to Zendaya and Holland after Holland was discovered with his possible wife. It now appears that there is a fresh connection between another costar, Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate on Euphoria.

In Euphoria, Elordi took on the role of the bad boy, but that can not be further from reality. The two have great chemistry despite their competitors playing on the show. The entire cast is incredibly near, leading some to think that romance could have flourished. Plus, since dating his Kissing Booth costar Joey King in late last year, Elordi has been single.

Elordi had a fanboy moment about Zendaya in an interview. It seemed as though he could have a little bit crushed her, but it is uncertain whether Zendaya feels the same thing about him.

“I’m a huge fan, so I was pretty sturdy when I found out that she was going to be in the series,” Elordi said. “You know, she is brilliant, she is gorgeous, she is a marvelous performer, and she captains the boat perfectly.”

Zendaya is the proud dog-mom to Schnauzer, a miniature black Noon. A fan account saved the clip from Elordi’s Instagram Story Zendaya. Everyone understands that a prospective partner first requires your dog’s permission so this step is already taken.

Someone posted a picture on Instagram at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece and two identifiable faces can be seen in the background. Elordi and Zendaya wear matching vests of white T-shirts and light-wash denim and seemed to be on a holiday together after Euphoria. Some of Zendaya’s nearest friends and relatives, like Law Roach, also traveled to celebrate the 23rd birthday of Zendaya.

The rumored pair were, according to some eyewitnesses, flirting, comfortable and acting very much like a couple.

From the multiple pictures and videos behind the scenes, it is evident that the cast became close friends. One of these photographs shows Elordi and Zendaya looking into one another’s eyes, but Elordi does the same thing with Hunter Schafer who plays Jules, so it’s hard to say whether there’s a real spark.

“It’s kind of this kind of antagonist-protagonist. There’s a slow-burning tension between them, she as the protector of Jules, and him as it is to Jules. I like the way this triangle works because there’s so much going on,” said Elordi.

Rue and Nate have nothing but romantic chemistry in the series. However, they could get incredibly near off-screen. The whole Euphoria cast now feels like Elordi’s family and all spent innumerable hours together in the process of filming.

Even though they are both together, Zendaya has shown clearly that her life is kept private. However, fans are already shipping and theorizing about the two together on Twitter.

None of the two stars have verified or published anything, so we have to maintain our eyes peeled for more news about the pair.

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