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IT Chapter Two First Reviews Are Out And They Are Hell Lot Horrific Than We Thought

Stephen king’s novel based American Supernatural Horror movie ‘It’ directed by Andy Muschietti has its sequel ‘It chapter two’ scheduled to be released this week on Friday, September 6. The first part was a major hit on box office, following its remake in other languages as well. To surprise the audience some journalists, critics and fans were given the opportunity to see the movie before the release date and they have shared their first opinion about it with others. 

First, the part had the story of middle school kids in a small American town in the 1980s, teamed up together to defeat a homicidal harlequin of hell called Pennywise. Now chapter two will talk about life after 30 years when they all are grown up and are returning to their home town to face the horrible Pennywise all over again as adults.

The loser’s club way of battle is not much different in chapter two; however, a number of scary plots such as interchangeable snaggle-toothed creatures, occasional gigantic monsters coming out of nowhere have been set, to take away the breaths of their fans. Also, emphasis on inner demons of oneself, which grows with us when we grow up is reflected in the movie, giving it a perfect connection with the life of an adult.

The story might be scary and engaging to the audience but seems to be disappointing in answering some obvious questions from part one like ‘Is Pennywise a metaphorical expression of the gang’s inner horrors, or a standalone devil or anything between the two?’.

Real response of the audience can only be estimated when the movie will reach theaters this Friday. As of now for most of the people who went to watch it believes this horror sequel is “very good but not great”.

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