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Elite Season 3 On Netflix? Here Are The Exclusive Details


Based on a recent press conference, Diego Avalos, the director of Netflix originals in Spanish made an announcement about Season 3 of the show “Elite”. It is bound to be better and captivate the audience on a bigger scale this time. Series creators Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona believe that the show has reached new heights in terms of quality.

According to the history of previous releases of the show, it is anticipated that the third season of the show will air in the fall of 2020. There have been new additions to the cast: Cayetana(Georgina Amoros), Rebeca (Claudia Salas) and Valerio (Jorge Lopez).

Season 2 basically commenced with Samuel being hell-bent on finding Marina’s killer. Samuel suspected of multiple witnesses and other students being involved in the murder. He initiates a sexual relationship with Carla to find out about what happened the night of Marina’s murder.
Circumstances lead to Samuel faking his disappearance with the help of Guzman. After the whole fiasco that followed after Marina’s death, Polo was suspected as Marina’s killer by Samuel. Later it turned out that he was actually the killer after he confessed to Ander.
When confronted by Guzman, Ander decides to keep it a secret and lie to Guzman, saying Polo did not kill Marina.

Carla confesses the truth to the police about the night, before which Cayetana and Polo get rid of the physical evidence, the trophy, linking him to Marina’s death.
In the last scene, Polo treads into Las Encinas wearing the school uniform. Since there was no evidence, he doesn’t get convicted. Will this continue in Season 3? Guzman and Polo will probably have ideas of their own to bring Polo to justice while Cayetana and Polo would continue to have a scheme of their own to avoid Polo getting convicted.

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