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How Sony Ruined This Year’s Exhibition Tradition?


E3 will showcase the most influencers developers around the world. But this time Sony won’t show us anything as they dropped the idea of the exhibition. So this is more than enough for the publisher to ruin its precious year of exhibition.

However, Sony is ready to unveil some surprises at Gamescom but we are not very sure about the next-gen console. So if there will be no glimpse of the next-gen console at the event, then Sony almost ruined everything for its fans.

Next-Gen PlayStation Development

Sony is currently working on their next-gen PlayStation and it is possible that the console is under development currently. So Sony doesn’t have something to offer which is worth exciting. After the merger with Microsoft, Sony has nothing to offer on its platform.

Annual PlayStation Experience

This is not about E3, it is reported that Sony will not conduct its Annual PlayStation Experience which is a tradition for the PlayStation community. So Maybe Sony has decided to go dark this year and not to follow any of the major events. This could be disappointing for the fans as E3 is not the same without Sony.

Lack of Titles

Sony didn’t reveal the plans about the possible titles of 2019, so it could be a major reason to not show up at E3. Either their projects are not ready for the exhibition or great enough to build the hype for the event. So Sony decides to skip the event this year. So if there is no major change in two months then it will be a huge debacle for the Console giant.

Standalone Conference Dependance

Sony got a trick up to their sleeves and decided to have a conference on a separate basis from E3. if we are counting on it then Sony will reveal its weapon soon and back with another bang.

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