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Lost In Space Season 2 On Netflix? What Are Robinsons Plan For Return? Release Date And Other Updates

The 2018 original Netflix series, ‘Lost in Space’ set to come back for a second season later this year. The series was reimagined and refurbished based on the Irwin Allen show from the 1960s.

Netflix made a special announcement regarding the show, saying that they would be hosting a first look interview, and they will also stage a panel for the show at the New York Comic Con which is to be held on October 5, at Javits Convention Center Main Stage.

Following the adventures of the Robinsons family, the series has Maureen (Molly Parker) who is a scientist, her husband is a US Navy Seal, John (Toby Stephens), and their children are Judy (Taylor Russell), Penny (Mina Sundwall) and Will (Maxwell Jenkins).

The family sets out on their mothership in order to take over new planets and make it habitable for human beings. However, they get stranded as they are attacked by a group of unknown assailants. The ones who survive, try their best and regroup on an inhospitable and strange planet.

The show’s producers are Legendary Television, Synthesis Entertainment, Clickety-Clack Productions, and Applebox Entertainment. The showrunner is Zack Estrin, whereas the writers are Matt Samama and Burk Sharpless.

The inspiration for the show is Johann David Wyss’ 19th-century children’s book, called Swiss Family Robinson. Fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the second season to drop.

Even though the first season of ‘Lost in Space’ received only a slightly warm response, Netflix announced that they would be having a second season. For all those who followed the first season, and are waiting for their cliffhangers to be resolved and answer all their questions.

With the show set to return later this year, for a second season, we can’t wait to see what is in store for us.

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