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The Kissing Booth 2: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

If you haven’t seen The Kissing Booth now, what are you doing?! The initial film of Netflix is essentially the 10 Things I hate about you in 2018 and the most revised film on the 2018 streaming website! The Kissing Booth 2 will quickly be coming into the streaming platform with the wildly famous returning casters in tow on February 14, Netflix announced.

It’s Joey King, whom Ramona and Beezus and Joel Courtney can acknowledge. They’re playing BFFs Elle and Lee, who’re complete friend objectives until they’re playing for Lee’s elder sister Noah, Joey’s ex-boyfriend of the IRL, Jacob Elordi. However, if you have watched the film, I must ask a very significant question.

Joey King disclosed that while we were still expecting Netflix release dates, the film was formally wrapped up in South Africa. Joey went back into her hotel room with a selfie of herself. She pointed out that for her birthday, the cast and crew gave her some balloons and other nice gifts.

Jacob shares a very distinct view on Noah when he talks in an interview on his experiences in shooting The Kissing Booth and his fresh show Euphoria.

“There are two distinct experiences, the Kissing Booth was the first movie I ever created. It was kind of a Hollywood ticket so I was very thankful,” he said. “It is almost like remedying my mistakes a little too because the Kissing Booth personality is terrible and it is never really explained. It’s kind of idolized and created, so I think this show show show show show shows why.”

The Kissing Booth sequence isn’t too new, but it’s about to change because Netflix has just announced that two fresh characters will join the film!

Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Taylor Perez join the cast as Chloe and Marco, and they “are love interests, but not mutually” according to Netflix.

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