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Google Maps Get’s Incognito Mode, Details Inside

Google Maps Now Features Incognito Mode

Google has invented easy-to-use tools like Dashboard and My Activity, which deliver you transparency over data collected from your activity across Google services. There are also powerful privacy controls like Activity Controls and Ad Settings, which authorize you to change the collection and use of data on or off to select how all of Google can work better for you. Google is officially going to update two Android apps that will get Incognito mode built-in. Maps and Search will get Incognito mode built-in so you can keep your activity and search data off your Google account and make it more secure for the privacy of the users. Users can easily access this feature from the profile menu inside the app.

Google Maps will allow you to use the map in incognito mode, ascertaining that your activity on the app, such as the places you search for, won’t be saved to your Google Account. Using Maps in incognito mode will also indicate that your activity won’t be practiced to personalize your Maps experience.

Google updates new privacy controls features for mobile users. A handful of new consumer privacy tools have been updated and these tools are meant to better allow users to control, manage and erase the data Google collects from those who experienced its services or block Google from collecting that data in the first place. Users will now be able to turn on “incognito mode” in Google Maps to stop the app from saving your Location activity and can more easily instruct YouTube and the assistant to delete your history. These tools are built on a feature that allows users to more easily manage and delete data.

Enabling the new Incognito Mode in Google Maps won’t help you in disappearing as it might sound. Google has launched a raft of privacy enhancements. Among them: a new Incognito Mode for Maps, which stops Google from collecting certain types of data and removes personalization touches from its Maps app. Just don’t think it makes your movements untraceable.

The new feature prevents data created by that specific device from showing up in your Google Location History. If you’re using Google maps and you are sharing your location with any other person through Google Maps, it’ll pause and updates about that device’s location when active. And Maps Incognito Mode also obstructs app-related notifications and app personalization. But it doesn’t Protect your data like a blanket of your devices.

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