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Elton John Claims That He Saw the Queen Playfully Slap Her Nephew In A Party

Elton John revealed he saw the Queen playfully hitting her nephew Viscount Linley during a party. “Don’t disagree with me, I’m the Queen,” the singer says the queen said to Princess Margaret’s son.

John writes in an excerpt from his latest autobiography: “I know that the Queen’s public image is not necessarily crazy frivolity, it might be amusing internally.” I saw Viscount Linley meeting her and asked him to look after his sister who had been sick and retreated to her room”

“That seemed to be the trick, he added. “She saw me looking at her while leaving, gave me a smile and walked away.”

In the book, John also states that he saw Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone arguing at a dinner party against Princess Diana.

“Developed the most peculiar scene,” he wrote. “Richard Gere and Diana seemed very captivated with each other straight away.”

Elton continued to explain that Princess Diana at that time was divorced from Charles and that her “newly emerging relationship” with Gere “was not going well with Sylvester Stallone.”

Later he reported that his husband David Furnish found Stallone and Gere “in the hallway, quadrating one another, apparently about to settle their dispute over Diana by a fist-fight.”

John Wrote: “Diana and Richard Gere resumed their place in front of the fire after dinner and Sylvester stormed out of the building.

“I would never be here,” he says, “if I knew Prince f***in’ Charming was about to be here, as David and I showed him at the threshold.’ Then he adds,’ If I wanted her, I would get her!”

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