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Stranger Things’ Teaser Trailer Has A Huge Hint On Jim Hopper’s Return To Hawkins! Here’s Every Detail Of It


The Duffer Brothers created Stranger things’ upcoming season announcement by Netflix last month, followed by the recent launch of its first teaser, which has elevated fans around the world, and they can’t wait to see what will be the fate of their favorite Hawkins.

In the Monday launched teaser, a clock is seen along with with creepy music and eerie looks at the rot-filled Upside Down (an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world), and events which followed the launch of teaser, left all the fans in guess game for predicting future story plot of season 4; particularly the return of Jim Hopper.

What added to the clues is Jim’s updated Instagram profile picture in which he took an old fan art of his character and posted it flipping it upside down, hinting towards his existence. When Season 3 ended, plenty of fans speculated that Hopper could have escaped into the alternate dimension, before the explosion killed him and the image posted by Jim acted only as a proof for the same.

“We’re not in Hawkins anymore,” the text from the teaser reads, hinting towards some major changes in the story. And going parallel with the Clock’s image, which is also the new profile picture of the Stranger Things Facebook page, fans are guessing some sort of time travel might be the major base of the story.

As of now, it is assumed that the upcoming season will specifically take us to the Upside Down version of Star-court Mall, where we’ll find Hopper waiting to be rescued.

All these guesses and predictions have created a buzz among fans and they can’t wait to see which of their theories proves right.

Co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer have already revealed that they signed a multiyear film and series deal, so viewers will get to watch more of the creation besides the series in the future.

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