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Helena Bonham Carter Claims Princess Margaret Contacted Her Through Psychinc Means To Shower Blessings For The Crown


Helena Bonham Carter said she spoke via a psychic to Princess Margaret to ask whether she could participate in The Crown.

The answer? That would be perfect, said the queen, if Bonham Carter learned to use a cigarette holder.

The Oscar-nominated actress said that the “little talk” is nothing uncommon for her because she consults always with a mental person while she portrays the deceased’s life.

“She said, she seemed happy she was me,” explained Bonham Carter.

“You really want their blessing if you play someone real because you have a responsibility. I told her, are you all right in playing you? She replied You’re better than the other actress they’re talking about. This made me think which perhaps she’s here as this is a typical Margaret thing to say – she’s very good at complimenting you and putting you down simultaneously.”

“She said then, but you’ll have to brush up and be more groomed and neater.”

Bonham Carter also told her “to smoke properly, I smoked better and recall that the cigarette holder was an expression tool just as much as it was for cigarettes.”

The actress said she had heard that the princess used a holder of cigarettes, because it lengthened her appearance, as she was just five feet tall at all times.

For the third series of Netflix’s The Crown, which starts next month, Bonham Carter takes over from Vanessa Kirby. She consulted an astrologer and graphologist as well as the psychic.

She also met a princess’s relative several close friends, and three former ladies. And she had her own memories, as her uncle Lord Bonham Carter, who was in the Grenadier Guard, once dated her.

“Oddly enough, my uncle came out with her. He looked over Princess Margaret and Mary, and then I think something happened. I’ve got photos of them together and they look like a couple. We were always friends, “she said.

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