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A Cruel Mother Who Is Responsible for the Death Of 17-Month-Old Is Now Hoping To Begin New Love Life And Freedom


A Scary incident of child abuse took place in 2007. A cruel mother was responsible for the death of 17-month-old Peter Connelly or Baby P.

Tracey Connelly gave birth to Peter in March 2006. She then got into a relationship with Steven Barker. Her new boyfriend moved in with her, along with his brother Jason Owen.

Then they started a string of abuse carried on baby Peter. It included choking the 17-month-old child until he turned blue and setting a Rottweiler on him.

Tracey was earlier arrested many times but always let out. Even after Baby P was admitted to the hospital many times, he was still back at home. And this eventually led to his death.

The blame for death was also directed at the authorities. As several child authorities had visited their home, the baby should have been rescued. But alas, due to the negligence of the social workers and police, Baby P didn’t survive. When the medical professionals check him, they found several broken bones. Along with that, there were eight months’ worth of bruises and wounds.

This news caused a massive upheaval from media and people. And the mother along with her boyfriend and his brother Jason Owen were jailed. Tracey Connelly was jailed in 2009. She has now served 12 years behind bars.

So, according to reports, she wants this year to be her last in the slammer. Yes, the mother of Baby P is now looking to end her sentence. She is said to be trying her best to become a model prisoner. This effort is all in the hopes of getting freedom by Christmas time. Moreover, one of the main reasons is her new-found relationship with an old friend. Tracey has recently found love in an insurance salesman named Paul. The 38-year-old hopes that her new partner will help her have a fresh start at life.

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