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Call of Duty mobile game reaches 100 million downloads, The biggest launch ever.


Call of Duty: Mobile has signified free for global fans to download after 1 October and you can presently understand the booming demand of the game. Call of Duty is a free to play and first-person game by Tencent Games for iOS and Android. It`s a Multiplayer Game and has a Gameplay like PUBG. Till July 2019 it was released as a beta version in limited regions and has been precisely delivered this week in October.

Source: VG247.com

On 2 October 2019, just after a few moments of release, The game reached 20 million downloads and earned over $2 million in revenue from microtransactions. These stats show the curiosity of the users. Call of Duty is now available for both iPhone and Android. After a blooming closed beta test, the game is now available to all. The majority of the play is on maps and with players and weaponry that have appeared in multiple Call of Duty games over the years, including the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. Some will be added in time. It is now available on Android and iOS.

The Game got 3 Million installs on its launch day itself and has passed the 20 Million Mark. This game is expected to give PUBG Mobile And Fortnite huge competition and can even be on the lead sometime later in the future in terms of revenue. But it came out. Apex Legends had become a huge fanbase game within days of its launch but its popularity seems to have vanished as time passed.

There are caveats, however. While PUBG Mobile, for illustration, got 28 million downloads in its initial week, its rollout wavered across regions. The mobile version of Fortnite, meanwhile, occurred downloaded 22.5 million times, but it was only accessible on iOS at the beginning. Call of Duty: Mobile’s downloads 53 percent of the whole $17.7 million in income from in-app purchases. The US estimated for 16.9 percent of downloads and 43.1 percent of spending.

With above 100 million initial-week downloads, Call of Duty Mobile had the “best launch of several mobile game ever,” the statement states. In association, Fortnite was downloaded 22.5 million times during its first week, though it was available only on the App Store. PUBG Mobile remained accessible on iOS and Android at launch and was downloaded 28 million in whole throughout its initial week.

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