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Angelina Jolie Was Not Able To Recognize Herself After Brad Pitt Split-Up


Is this the truth of the relationship broken between the two?? Here’s everything about the News!!!!

In the current interview, Angelina Jolie revealed her situation after her breakup with Brad Pitt. In the middle of interview she said; she doesn’t able to recognize herself anymore after Brad Pitt Split-up. According to Angelina’s statement, the relationship between her and Brad was not sharp so both decided to separate. And she loves Brad always it’s doesn’t matter for her they live together or not.

As well we all know that the former couple shares six children and in the year 2016 and they live separate. Sources say Jolie fills the Divorce file first. Well, Jolie recently took to her social media to clear all rumors about her relationship status with her eX-Husband Brad. Fans were shocked when the news broke that the pair had decided to separate for the time after three years of marriage. Though no details are known about the reason behind Brad and Jolie split.

Although, Angelina denying rumors that her marriage to Brad ended because of the infidelity of Brad. Well, we all know that Brad’s first wife’s name was Jennifer Aniston and Angelina is her second wife. That’s the main reason behind that rumors. People think that Brad Split Angelina because of some other women enter his life. However, Angelina said she had nothing to hide and she angrily denied rumors about her Ex-Husband.

Therefore, despite their separation, their relationship once again came into the headlines. And this time Angelina gets emotional in memory of Brad Pitt, respectively.

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