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Get To Know The Leaked New ‘GTA 6’ Maps


So, here’s one more leakage about GTA 6  from Grand Theft Auto Forums about the map which has been recently posted on Reddit, claiming to be leaking gameplay information about Grand Theft Auto 6. Though this leak is totally unsubstantiated, and this news has made the fans of GTA 6 desperate for any further information on this matter.

It has been claimed that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City and nearby cities, swamps, and islands. GTA 6 map supposedly has swamps located somewhere on the left middle sides. While having big islands down in the bottom far right corner and the city in the middle of the map.

GTA 6 is assumed to be set in totally different eras, featuring the dynamic building change over time. Even the map is said to be larger than that of GTA 5 while pedestrians and other aspects of the map would reportedly change over with time.

Some other interesting facts about GTA 6 includes its wheater, pupils have claimed that players would be able to hit by light storms and would experience floods and hurricanes as the part of the story of gameplay.

Even Grand Theft Auto 6 map leaks include a number of many more details. As was previously claimed in other rumors about the game GTA 6 code is named “Project Americas.” Even Rockstar North is taking the further lead on GTA 6, apparently, the company is even working on the sequel to Bully, its first-person shooter. And Rockstar India would be working on Bully 2.

So, with all these rumors and leaks about GTA 6, its fan has made a separate desperate level in them and are eagerly waiting for any further information about the gameplay.

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