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Hey Yo! Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston’s Reunion Is Giving A Deep Nostalgia To Breaking Bad Fans!


For six years the American neo-western crime drama television series ‘Breaking bad’ has kept us curious about the fate of Jesse Pinkman.

Creator Vince Gilligan in the fifth series of his show told us that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) saved Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from enslavement at the hands of Jack Welker’s gang of White Supremacists. But what happened to Jesse after that is a question, which was in our heads since then.

And now, we all may find all answers it very soon, thanks to the new Breaking Bad movie El Camino, which released this month on October 11.

In a recent premiere at the Regency Village Theater on Monday, The reunion of the breaking bad stars made fans as well as stars nostalgic. When asked about the movie experience Aaron told Variety magazine, “It was a family reunion of sorts. It was revisiting an old, dear, close friend of mine with zipping on Jesse Pinkman again. It was odd but very familiar.”

Vince Gilligan originally planned for the movie “Breaking Bad” to be a separate self-contained story, but at the same time, he always wondered where Jesse ended up after the finale, which influenced his story plot for the movie. When asked about the same, He told Variety, “It was that desire to revisit that portion of the story coupled with a desire to work with Aaron Paul again because he’s so much fun to work with and a tremendous actor.”

In the fifth season, we saw Jesse escaping the drug lab where he had been chained up and forced to cook crystal meth as a prisoner of the Aryan Brotherhood. And the movie “El Camino” picks up directly after the finale where Jesse is hunted by the police.

Fans were delighted to see Aaron and Bryan together outside the Regency Village Theater. They posed for pictures while laughing and joking with each other, bringing in all the memories back of Breaking bad.

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