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Meta Games Raises $2 million Financing for Esports Mobile Games


Meta Games raised $2 million in seed funding for esports-themed mobile games. Bitkraft Esports Ventures is the primary backer of the Berlin startup.META Games has secured a $2M USD seed funding led by existing investor BITKRAFT Esports Ventures.

Meta Games will use the new funding to complete game development on its upcoming mobile game Rivals, a manager game based on multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) esports, and to begin development on future mobile games for esports fans.

Advanced with the information of pro teams, Rivals Esports Manager grants players the possibility to view their own partners struggle to approach the tower of esports glory. Players can maintain their own pro esports club, battle in PvP leagues, deal players in their roster, and build an esports legacy.

RIVALS Esports Manager gives players the chance to operate their own esports team in an attempt to find glory. The game allows the player to own the team, compete in leagues, trade players, upgrade their roster and facilities, and create a legacy for their virtual superstars. The game will use the MOBA genre as its core theme.

We assume amidst this funding; this powerful, proven team can recommence its impulse of advancing mobile games that approach the complete attendance of esports fans worldwide. We consider esports fans to justify trustworthy and corresponding gaming happenings that repeat what they follow every day. By presenting players with the capability to maintain an expert team they are equipped to get back-the-scenes to glance at how amazing their favorite teams succeed on their way to success.

Part of the funding will support the developer is expanding its scope to match the variety of genres represented in the spectrum of esports. META Games stated that it looks to offer specific dedicated products that cater to audiences beyond just MOBAs or first-person shooters (FPSs) with its future games.

META Games will also attribute some of the capital to develop future titles. The company’s aim is to ‘make it possible for fans to engage with the specific esport and genre they are most passionate about.”

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