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13 Reasons Why Season 4: Reasons Why Season 4 Will Be The Worst Of All


13 REASONS WHY season 4 is now being shot in California as fans ready to state goodbye to the show. The last airing is supposed to pull up from the result of the last run. But could Alex Standall face charges for Bryce Walker’s death?

13 Reasons Why may have arrived at an end beginning this summer, but watchers of the series still have plenty of inquiries over the surprising confessions of the finish. One major topic is over whether Alex Standall ( Miles Heizer) could close up meeting some consequences for murdering Bryce. Here’s something at what could occur in the last season.

Fans are still freaking out over the end of 13 Reasons Why season 3, which revealed who actually killed Bryce Walker and what happened to each of the characters as the police tried to figure out who would try to get revenge on him. Of course, there were a lot of missing details and the truth was finally revealed at the end of the season, but the right person wasn’t convicted.

At the end of the season, Monty was blamed for Bryce’s death and the police quickly revealed that he was killed while he was in jail for sexually assaulting Tyler. While the police might have closed the door on this mystery, Clay and the rest of Liberty High will have to get ready to face their biggest challenge yet as they have to hide their involvement in something one last time.

Ani is a Black girl and an immigrant — whose mother (Nana Mensah) has immigrated twice over her lifetime — meaning the teen has one of the most vulnerable identities possible in America. And she is inexplicably worried about wealthy white boys? The kind of wealthy white boys who have gotten away with high crimes like serial rape and murder? Because, remember, Ani’s narration comes from the present 13 Reasons Why timeline where she is trying to protect Alex Standall (Miles Heizer) from a homicide arrest. It feels unlikely someone like Ani would be so very torn up over the poor Bryce Walkers (Justin Prentice) and Alexes of the world.

Ani might be generally annoying, as Twitter is extremely happy to bring up. However, there is more to 13 Reasons’ Ani Problem than her incessant and bizarre meddling. In a sea of established girls of color at Liberty High, Ani seems like an absolutely impossible character.

When you pull back from all the shady memes and Twitter drags about Ani, you’ll realize her true problem is that she has no real backstory. Early in season 3, we learn Ani changes schools often as the daughter of an in-home nurse. The Achola women go where the job is. So, Ani has no real social roots. If Ani were a side character — like, say, fellow newbie Charlie St. George (Tyler Barnhardt) — that would be enough information for viewers to go off.

But, Ani isn’t a side character. She’s the backbone of the 2019 season as the narrator. From the beginning, 13 Reasons Why has been a series about going beyond the surface and showing what really makes a person tick. That is why each episode of season 1 was built around a series of flashbacks. History matters.

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