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Cable Girls Season 5? Scheduled Netflix Release Date And Other Latest News


Cable Girls is Netflix’s first non-English-speaking series and with four seasons on the air, its success is undisputed, especially in Spain and Latin America And so far, Fiction, which tells the story of the life of four women when they start working at a telecommunications company in 1928, is still now from the end.

It’s been reported by Spanish outlets like La Razon that there will be a Season 5, and the show’s IMDb page has Season 5 listed. However, it’s unclear whether Netflix has officially renewed the show. Back in January, La Vanguardia reported that due to scheduling conflicts, Maggie Civantos (who plays Ángeles Vidal) would likely not be in Season 5 should it go forward. However, in July, a fan posted an Instagram Story screenshot on the show’s subreddit, which claimed that filming had started.

Whether Season 5 moves progressive or not, at most insignificant there’s however Season 4 to gain your way through. As the trailer reveals, it’s now 1931 in Madrid, and women are making headway in achieving gender equality. It’s been a year since the explosive Season 3 ending, and Remezcla confirmed that Spain is now a Republic and not a monarchy. So what does this mean for the show’s protagonists? It seems like Carlota is running for mayor of Madrid, while Lidia is having to contend with some difficult men.

Although the streaming platform has not yet confirmed that the drama created by Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira will have the fifth installment, during the Tous welcome event, Ana Fernández, who plays Carlota, revealed that “at the end of May (last) more or less, we will shoot the fifth season. ”

The last episode focuses on the escape plan of Oscar (Ana Polvorosa), who ended up in jail after self-blame for the murder for which Carlota was locked in the first chapter. Lidia, Marta, Ángeles, and Carlota decide to infiltrate the prison next to a theater company and in the middle of a mutiny, previously orchestrated, the women go to meet Sara.

They manage to escape through the hole that Cueva, Pablo, and Francisco dug, but at a very high price: the life of Angels. After the tragic moment, each of the ‘Cable Girls’ had to make drastic decisions to escape from a fateful fate.

While Lidia, after preventing Mrs. Carmen from kidnapping her daughter to use her in a life-saving treatment, she decides to move away from Carlos and her mother to start again in America with her daughter and Francisco; Oscar and Carlota finally travel to Paris, Marta and Pablo start a new project together, and Cuevas delivers the money from Angels to his daughter.

At the moment, there are no details about the plot, but the daughter of Angels likely needs the help of girls, and they are forced to return to Madrid. Meanwhile, after losing the love of his life and his daughter, Carlos, will surely try to recover them. Will Lidia and Francisco finally be together?

If Netflix formalizes the renewal of “Cable Girls” for a fifth season, it will most likely be released sometime in 2020.

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