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Flujo Signature Pro: The Solution to Storage & Dongle Difficulties for USB-C Devices.


The Flujo Signature Pro is produced and created by four sophomores from the National University of Singapore in collaboration with Flujo Technologies. If you want the TLDR version of the product, basically it is a USB-C hub that integrates an M.2 SSD enclosure. This simplistic and compressed device works and solves all the difficulties that arise with owning a USB-C only tool. In this section, we are working to take a glance at the fascinating of its key characteristics to explain to you how.

The USB-C port not just permits you to charge a device but also transport data at amazingly high rates. If a device maker holds the Thunderbolt technology with USB-C, you can even practice on the external graphics card. Well, the Flujo Signature Pro is something that has grabbed my sight and it appears to catch on all the difficulties. In this report, we are working to deliver an instantaneous attention at the Flujo Signature Pro and tell you all about it.

With so many dongles already available in the market, you wonder if it’s necessary to add another dongle into your repertoire of computer accessories. That’s why we have decided to take it up a notch, and create something that has not been seen yet in computer accessories: an SSD enclosure together with your favorite ports. Compatible with the NVMe M.2 SSD, there will definitely be more space to store big files. Distinguishes Flujo Signature Pro from your usual USB-C hubs is the M.2 SSD form.

With the Signature Pro, effortlessly connect your laptop to an HDMI display during presentations at work or in school, read and retrieve photos/videos/files from USB-C, USB-A drives and SD/microSD memory cards, while keeping your laptop charging through the USB-C power delivery.

The structure characteristic of Flujo Signature Pro remains to be on the level with the most reliable USB-C hubs on the business. It’s performed while practicing the light and strong aluminum material which is applied in most premium laptops and USB-C hubs.

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