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FRIENDS: 5 Reasons Why Joey Was A Better Man For Rachel Rather Than Ross


Well, this is not going to be easy as Rachel and Ross have a great history, but Rachel was Joey’s first love, even though Rachel and Ross did end up together and “she got off the plane for him” Joey did try to be a better man for Rachel which if we know Joey was definitely hard for him.

Let’s talk about the 5 reasons why we think Joey was better for Rachel than Ross:

  • Joey has been the most caring character and this quality can be highlighted when Rachel gets pregnant, he has been very supportive and caring throughout her pregnancy, even though he had feelings for her he never made her feel uncomfortable and was always there as a friend despite it being hard for him.

  • Joey values his friends more than anything, he gave up on Kathy for Chandler, he let Ross know first before he could confront Rachel with her feelings, we did adore the new changed Joey.

  • Joey took Rachel out on a date to make her feel special, well even though Joey charm worked on her later but we all wished we were Joey’s date than night was very warm and sweet!

  • Joey loved Emma, even though Emma would scream and cry all night, Joey always loved Emma they had a great bond and we loved seeing them together!

  • Joey and Rachel couldn’t get through with their dating because they were such close friends and it just felt weird, well things do happen for a reason though a part of us really thought they could’ve been great together but Rachel has always been Ross’s lobster!

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