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Huawei to Release New Bezel-less Smartphone on October 17.


Huawei announced it would deliver the bezel-less smartphone Nova 4 with the latest innovative in-screen camera on December 16. Nova 4 is the follower of the last generation’s Nova 3 but begins with a brand new design. Huawei delivered a teaser photograph of a bezel-less phone with an in-screen camera before to deliver in December.

From the teaser illustration that Huawei published, it appears like the company will launch a modern bezel-less smartphone following period. It will have a brand new appearance, separate from all the other bezel-less smartphones on the business.

And well, if you strictly seem at the teaser image in the invite, you will see a smartphone with relatively negligible bezels and a glare that recommends a punch-hole camera at the top-right edge. But, Analyst at Atherton Research event says that Huawei will be launching a phone with an in-display selfie camera at this event.

The teaser photograph doesn’t deliver anything continuously, but we can anticipate it to attain a waterfall display comparable to the Mate 30 Pro, but outwardly without a notch) on the front side. The bezels will be decorated to the sides with the speaker, sensors, and camera assembling under the display. We aren’t informed of the technology Huawei plans to execute to bake the camera beneath the display this has nevermore dispensed or revealed about one in public.

Huawei’s pole bezel-less smartphone suddenly fitted a hot material and customers even composed lists representing the development of bezel-less smartphones. The photograph below determines that the prime production of bezel-less smartphones was the Samsung S8 with a narrow chin and front. In the second generation of bezel-less phones, the notch design was acquainted and the perfect example is the iPhone X. After its liberation, almost every new flagship smartphone highlighted this design. The only difference was the width and frame of the notch.

This time, several Chinese phone organizations endeavored to discover new choices to withdraw the notch design, for illustration, the Pop-Up Front Camera of the Vivo NEX, the standardized slider of the OPPO and the dual-screen on the Nubia X. Now, Huawei’s new design “pole bezel-less” may express the next generation’s full-screen technology.

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