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Is Selena Gomez Dating Naill Horan? Complete Suspicious Dating Timeline Of The Singers


Lately, she had supper with her pals and was photographed with Niall Horan’s arm around her in a group range. Gomez then gave him and his latest song a mention on her Instagram Story.

According to a source, it’s gentle and exceptional because Horan and Gomez earlier sparked dating talks, before some years. A short memoir recitation on the 2015 rumored-indulgence: Following the pair were observed together with pals some times, a source revealed that Niall and Selena had seen smooching in the center of the club, in front of the public.

Gomez added some spices when she negligible made her choice for Horan’s music over Bieber’s clear on Instagram, as Bieber and Gomez also had rapprochement talks occurring at the event.

However, then Gomez plainly friend-zoned Horan, and similar that, the ballad thought deceased. She was questioned by the source in Harmony event if she was dating Horan. “Oh my god! No,” Gomez hollered, giggling. “I love him, I always have. He’s amazing.”

There was a concern there on Horan’s part too, at least once upon a time. He confessed in 2017 Gomez was his first notable crush, as well as the Olsen twins. “Selena’s just really cute,” he stated.

Conceivable conditions are changed now. This is one of the first time they’ve been snapped outing since 2015. Possibly, they’re not, and Gomez and Horan live good, supportive friends.

Both stars are still single publicly. Horan is candidly single. He was last connected with Hailee Steinfeld, but their bond finished in December. And Gomez is also single. A source told that “she is open to dating, but right now she is solely focused on herself and enjoying life to the best of her ability, and getting back to being the Selena that she and all of her close ones knew prior to dating Justin.”

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