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Robert Pattinson Gets Oscar Buzz For ‘Lighthouse’ Best Actor, But Can He Compete With Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’


If we talk about the stars who have worked in the most popular movie first Joaquin Phoenix who did the brilliant performance in ‘joker’ and another Robert Pattinson who performed splendid in ‘Lighthouse’ both stars who performed the most popular versions of Joker and Batman we could say that they might be competing against each other at the 92nd Academy Awards.

One might not aspire to say Martin Scorsese about this, true? The fabulous film director lately outed himself as not being an aficionado of Marvel Studios films. However, he hasn’t uttered a view on Warner Bros./DC movies, one can imagine that it’s gonna be newfangled if Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Pattinson stop on a split-screen with The Irishman‘s Robert De Niro, expecting for a conqueror to be declared. This really could be a plausible situation. Phoenix has ready to take lots of Oscar hum for his honestly glorious act in the divisive Joker movie.

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According to the reports, Pattinson, who will wear the cowl in Matt Reeves’ imminent The Batman, will be tendered to the Academy for deliberation in the Best Performer class for The Lighthouse. Indeed, “from Twilight to the Oscars” seems like the best profession trajectory for an entertainer, and it seems like A24’s gonna make Pattinson a contender.

Robert Pattinson will face in the lead actor category for “The Lighthouse,” according to the source. A24 will tender Pattinson in the lead actor category, with co-star Willem Dafoe in the upholding player range.

Dafoe’s apparently more than pleased to take a backseat to Pattinson, not only in courses of goodwill but because, damn, the Lead Actor category is gonna be bumpy. Don’t go only with these two Phoenix and De Niro plausible submission locks, there’s a slew of tough struggle including Leonardo DiCaprio for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Adam Sandler for Uncut Gems and Adam Driver for Marriage Story, to mention some.

Certainly, that Adam Sandler! So why not fling in Pattinson performing a lighthouse keeper gone insane? That’s right, there’s gonna be a genuine knock-down, drag-out Oscar competition in 2020.

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