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Selena Gomez Was Spotted At Niall Horan’s Days Before One Direction Alum Posted A Story About Her

Selena Gomen and Niall Horan have been linked together a lot of times, both have been good friends for a really long time and do end up spending time together, earlier this year the two made it to the news yet again because they were seen together at a party but both of them have denied any rumors of them dating earlier but we do see them together quite often to deny the possibility of a new romance!

Recently, Selena and Niall made the news as we could see Selena visiting Niall at his home and they spent some quality time together, Niall was seen on the streets of New York city looking as handsome as always but fans have always been intrigued to know what is going on his love-life, after Niall’s split from ex-girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld there are speculations going on that he might have reunited with friend and a possible love-interest Selena, the speculations started when Niall had his arm around Selena attending a group dinner.

However, some insiders have denied the fact that there is nothing going on between the two and they are just friends! a source came forward to back up Selena and Niall saying ‘Selena and Niall are not dating and have been hanging out as friends,’ they also added ‘They have always been good friends and have kept in touch throughout the years.’

A few years ago the two were spotted, kissing, hugging and dancing at a birthday party and since then fans have been curious as to why the two dont just date, both are very compatible and would make a good couple!

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