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Tekashi 6ix9ine Signs A $10 Million Record Deal While Being Behind The Bars! Snitches Gets Riches

Tekashi 69 proves very well that “Snitches” can get Riches. All his trials to testify nine trey gang members have rewarded him with unexpected record deals.

The 23-year-old rapper has already got a deal worth $10 million even being in jail. The deal is said to be with his former record label, 10K Projects, which will cover two albums. One will be in English and the other in Spanish, as told by TMZ news.

Daniel Hernandez or Tekashi has been helping the federal government in destroying the nine trey gang to lighten his jail sentence. He was arrested last year for his suspicious involvement in the nine tray gang activities and also because he was found guilty of carrying illegal weapons. In his defense, he decided to testify the names of other gang members.

Tekashi gave information on Anthony Ellison and Aljermiah Mack and both men have since been found convicted. Ellison was also found guilty of kidnapping the rapper while Mack was found guilty of illegal drug dealing.

He has also given other inner details of the gang, breaking their code. He revealed he joined the gang in 2017, just after his platinum-selling career was taking off, to give his music street credibility with hip-hop fans.

Because of all the information, he’s given, it’s expected his jail time will be short down.

6ix nine has also dragged many renowned singers and rappers in trouble while being a government witness. He earlier accused rapper Jim Jones, to be associated with blood, releasing audio against him to prove the same, which was later found false. He even put singer Cardi B in suspicion hinting towards her involvement with Bloods since her teenage.

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