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Kylie Jenner Says ‘She Can’t Wait To Have More Babies ‘, Weeks After Travis Scott Split-Up

Youngest Billionaire, fashion icon, model and an actor are some prestigious titles best describing Kylie Jenner, But it seems like, among all the titles the 22-year-old enjoys the title of a mother the most.

Kylie did a little question and answer session on Instagram this Friday, where she decided to answer all sorts of questions fans want to ask her including questions from her personal life.

In the session when a user asked her about her plans of having another kid, the star expressed her desire to have more kids in the future. She wrote, “I can’t wait to have more babies but not ready just yet.”

Kylie had a recent breakup with boyfriend Travis Scott, with whom she has a daughter Stormi, who is 1-year-old. She seems to enjoy her time with her daughter and love her enormously, as per the pictures and videos shared by her on her social media.

The young Billionaire also revealed that she and her ex also considered naming their baby girl Rose, “Rose I still love that name,” replied she when asked about other name choices for Stormi. And when another user asked Jenner, “What was your favorite part of your pregnancy?” she replied “Nothing more special than feeling your baby move and grow.”

Jenner announced her breakup with Travis Scott on Twitter. But, later on, she also tweeted, “Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi !! our friendship and our daughter is the priority.”

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