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After Today These Two Xbox Games With Gold Titles Won’t Be Free

Two new Xbox One Games with Gold games will be available for download in the near future. And, as a result, two Games with Gold games are no longer available for download after today. In particular, tomorrow, Microsoft will release the free download of Friday 13: The Game and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. The latter is an Xbox 360 title but is available for backward compatibility on Xbox One. The former is one of the most popular horror multiplayer games of the century, which began a bit tough, but has been quite a great game ever since.

As for the games that leave today, they are nothing particularly impressive. The Xbox 360 title we leave today is Bolt, while We Were Here is the Xbox One match, a recent Xbox One experience that’s pretty good, but no one really seems to be thinking about it.

We Were Here is a new Xbox One title, but since 2017 it has been available on the PC This is a special online co-op game requiring continuous contact between two players.

“Two players were stuck in an abandoned castle in We Were Here,” reads an official game advertisement. “Player One will be limited to an isolated part, while Player Two will be in the lost rooms of Castle rock to try to find Player One. Each room tests your intelligence and ability to communicate effectively with only your voice.”

Whereas, in 2008, Bolt released and, well, it’s a C-tier movie in the league. Nonetheless, if you’re a big fan of the film or are looking for something to play for your son, it’s not a horrible choice.

“Join Penny and her great dog, Bolt-on a dangerous mission to save Penny’s dad from evil Dr. Calico, as they traveled throughout the world,” reads the game’s official pitch.

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