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Is Kylie Jenner Dating Drake Or Got Back With Travis Scott! Here’s The End To All Rumors

Clearly, nothing is inconceivable with regards to Hollywood sentiments, since 22-year-old cosmetics head honcho Kylie Jenner is presently supposed to start an association with 33-year-old artist Drake.

During the rapper’s birthday party at Goya Studios in Hollywood the previous evening, Kylie and Drake apparently seemed, by all accounts, to be into one another, as per various outlets.

A source at Us Weekly said that Kylie “invested the most energy close to Drake and his companions.” The source included, “Kylie was rapping to tunes and hitting the dance floor with her companions while she was by Drake, yet they weren’t moving together, they appeared to have an association, however.”

An alternate hotspot for the outlet additionally stated, “They were by all accounts appreciating each other’s conversation. They were kidding near and Kylie was snickering. She was by all accounts extremely upbeat and feeling extraordinary and she and Drake appeared to be entirely alright with one another. There appeared to be a fascination there.”

Another hotspot for Page Six said that they saw Drake visiting with both Kylie and Corey Gamble “for some time,” in spite of the fact that it might have been a greater amount of Drake’s star facilitating capacities as opposed to his sentimental association with the Kylie Cosmetics originator.

“He was really the quintessential honorable man,” the source told the outlet. “He welcomed individuals and made proper acquaintance with everybody and shook hands. He truly had a decent time with his companions and was snickering … He truly worked the space for the whole party.”

The dating bits of gossip comes not exactly a month after Kylie split from child daddy Travis Scott, in spite of the fact that the two are supposedly on great terms.

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